TIME MTB Floating 13-17 degree cleats

Most Time ATAC pedals are supplied with 10° Easy Cleats. Once you're comfortable with the 10° of float and twist required to release the cleat, you can upgrade to the V2 13/17° pedal cleats to give you more float and better security.

Float is the freedom of movement you can experience between your shoe and pedal before the cleat disengages and is important for freedom of movement on a MTB due to the ever-changing nature of the terrain. Having more float is better for your joints as well, allowing you to position your legs and feet as naturally as possible whilst maintaining foot security and pedalling efficiency.

Increasing the angle of disengagement also increases cleat retention and foot security as it required a greater twist of the foot to disengage the cleat from the pedal, meaning you are securely attached to the pedal over a wider area of motion. Accidental releases of your foot over rough terrain or knocks are less likely and your pedalling power can remain consistent and smooth.

The Time ATAC V2 13/17° pedal cleats can achieve a 13° disengagement when mounted on the corresponding Left and Right shoes, or they can be mounted to the opposite shoes to achieve a 17° disengagement giving you the freedom to adapt them to your personal preferences.

Sold in pairs with new cleat bolts, the Time ATAC V2 13/17° pedal cleats are compatible with all Time ATAC pedals and all shoes with a standard 2-bolt SPD-type mounting arrangement.

Who's this item for: Owners of Time ATAC pedals looking for more float and increased security.

Which Pedals: The Time ATAC V2 13/17° pedal cleats are compatible with all Time ATAC pedals.

Release angle: 13° or 17° depending on which way around you mount them. L/L and R/R for 13° or L/R and R/L for 17°.

What's in the box: 2 Cleats,\ and 4 bolts.