Downunder is an antifriction balm for endurance athletes.

It soothes and protects against chafing and is water-resistant making it ideal for longer events, hot conditions and triathletes.

Ride Mechanic Downunder is an tea tree oil antifriction balm for endurance sports.

Downunder is an Australian made product to help endurance athletes reduce the effects of friction and chafing. It is used by endurance triathletes and cyclists and is water resistant, forming a soothing skin coating for long-term protection. It contains natural plant extracts with well known properties.


Tea tree oil - Distilled from Melaleuca alternifolia leaf which is native to north eastern NSW. The oil has well known antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Calendula oil - This oil extracted from Marigold flowers has been used to soothe irritations, reduce swelling and promote wound healing.
Vitamin E - Has moisturising and anti-inflammatory actions when applied to the skin.
Rosemary extract - Used for its antimicrobial properties.
Coconut Oil - Skin moisturiser and protectant with wound healing properties.