CRANKBROTHERS Premium cleats

Premium cleats do not have the side wings found on the standard cleat, thus they are 10 grams/pair lighter than standard cleats. They also have elongated bolt slots for lateral adjustability.
Ultra durable brass Premium replacement cleats are compatible with Crank Brothers Eggbeaters, Candy Pedals, Mallets, and Smarty Pedals.
• 30 grams per pair
• 6 deg. float
• 15 or 20 degree release angle
• Premium Strength Brass
• 2-Hole Bolt Pattern for Mountain Shoes
• 2.2mm left/right Adjust
• Includes Shims Pushys Helpful Hints
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Pedal cleats are the metal or plastic item that attaches to the sole of your cycling shoe and clips into your pedals. Most shoes will accept most popular cleats (MTB shoes will take MTB cleats and Road shoes, Road cleats) but some may require adaptors. You need the exact cleat to match your pedals although some have either single release (twist outwards) or multi-release (twist in either direction) options. Cleats feature 'float', this is the amount of natural movement your joints require your ankle to move during the pedal stroke and is an important factor..