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OneUp have always been known for their clever, problem solving products, and their first foray into cockpit solutions have proven no different.
These grips have a couple of nifty little tricks up their sleeves that are sure to take the sting out of the trail buzz, and provide as much grip as you could want.

Who's this for: People wanting a nifty little grip that provides great texture, ergonomics, and comfort.

Mount style: These are mounted on any standard handle bar, and use a single clamp.

Material: 20A rubber compound with aluminium clamps.

Pattern: The main body of the grip uses a classic moto-knurl, and the underside has saw-tooth finger ribs for maximum grip.

Features: What makes these grips different from other single clamps on the market, is that the internal shank body cuts away roughly halfway down the grip, and re-forms at the end to prevent twisting. This allows for more rubber to be used under the palm heel, without added bulk. This helps ward off hand pain on long, rough descents.

Soft or firm: The 20A rubber is just about as soft as you'll find on a set of grips.

End caps: The OneUp grips have a built in end-cap.

Diameter: Thin, but not too thin, at 30mm.

Weight: 97g for a pair.

Pros: Super comfy, heaps of colours, heaps of grip.

Cons: Some people prefer thicker grips.