About Us

Our range of premium products and services include performance MTB and E-MTB hire, sales, repairs and retail..

We are Blue Derby’s go to bike shop for hire, sales and service. Our fleet of Trek hire bikes include the Remedy 8, Fuel EX 8, Slash 8 along with the Pivot Firebird 29, Switchblade 29 and Trail 429. If you are looking to amplify your Blue Derby riding experience then climb aboard the Trek Powerfly LT9.7 E-MTB.

Operating in Australia’s mountain biking mecca Blue Derby, which is located in the mountainous area surrounding the small historic town in Tasmania’s North East of Derby. This small unique town and its world-class “Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails” are located within a lush temperate rainforest. In its former life, Derby was home to one of the worlds richest tin mines, making it a unique destination to visit and experience.

We offer a variety of products and services including bike hire, sales, and service.  These products & services combined to provide the perfect platform to allow riders of all levels to ride more trails more often.

Blue Derby Trails

Learn more about the Blue Derby trail network.